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Helping organizations define, manage and grow their digital presence

I consider myself to be a digital native.

An experienced digital professional with marketing, communication, technology and interactive knowledge whose accomplishments reflect: effective leadership; an innovative mindset and technology adapter; willingness to learn and understand new approaches; and expertise in identifying, measuring, and accomplishing business driven objectives.

My Services

Helping organizations define, manage and grow their digital presence

Customer evangelist

Champion, evangelize and educate stakeholder on best practices in user experience (UX) that drives engagement, customer loyality and conversation.

Digital Development & Operations

Lead digital content and development teams, agile development methodology, sprint management, channel monitoring and operations management.

Positive Feedback


  • I've worked with Steve as a colleague and a client. He always brings a positive attitude to the table, and he's adept at finding balance between managing the project details and seeing the big picture. Steve is a great people person and approaches every project with objectivity and integrity. I appreciate his approachability and calm demeanor.

    - Sarah Mohs, Business Owner / Creative Strategist / Experienced Copywriter
  • Steve has an affable leadership style that makes him very approachable. He is quick with a compliment and always happy to give credit for shared success. Steve is in a very challenging, relatively new role at the university that continues to evolve; what impresses me the most is his ability to remain calm, optimistic, and effective in the face of difficulty.

    - Rich Harrison, User Experience Designer
  • I worked with Steve on a large web site re-design and immediately appreciated his calm and steady approach to the project. We had many layers of technical complexity, paired with several organizational challenges, and he was able to navigate that to help me and my development team get what was needed to move ahead. Steve knows how to manage digital projects and asks great questions to help identify potential conflicts and find alternative solutions.

    - Beth Quast, CSM, PMP Scrum Master / Operations Management
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